The Key to Successful Inspections

Power of Red Bluff Property Inspections

Regular external and internal inspections for your Red Bluff property are absolutely critical.  Routine rental inspections allow you to keep a very close eye on the property from a number of angles.  Performing them on a regular basis will keep your Tenants open and honest, ensure that any small maintenance issues are repaired while they are small and prevented from becoming large issues.


60 Day Internal Inspection

We highly recommend that you perform an internal inspection 60 days after your new Tenant moves in. The purpose of this internal inspection is to ensure that your new Tenant is owning up to their end of the bargain.  You want to ensure that they have the appropriate number of Tenants, pets, vehicles, etc. You also want to ensure that they are taking care of the property as they promised.  60 days is enough time for a renter to allow their true colors to show.


More Time Between Inspections = More Damage

While there are some landlords that get lucky, most do not.  Every once in a while, someone scores a great Tenant that actually takes care of their house like they would for years and years. That is becoming more of a rarity than the norm, for sure.

What you will find is that the landlords that have not seen their house in more than 2 years are in for a surprise, and not a pleasant one.  Typically, that property is no where near int he same condition that it was when they last saw it.