Introducing…. Asurent Property Management Red Bluff!!!

Hellllloooooo Red Bluff!! Asurent property Management has opened up its latest Branch in Red Bluff!! We are so excited to have moved into Red Bluff and looking forward to interacting with and improving upon the Red Bluff community.

First of all, we want to introduce the most important part of any business, is the awesome people that we have on our Team! Carlla Wagner is our Property Manager and comes to Asurent with over 27 years of property management experience in Northern California. She is definitely one for the most professional, respectful and honest people we have found to work with. We are so excited to have Carlla on our team and looking forward to the great things she will be doing in Red Bluff.

Asurent brings with it a number of core values that definitely allows us to separate from the pack. Our company values and commitments are strong and emphasize the commitments that we make to our owners and residents alike. Here is our Mission, Vision and Company Commitments:

Mission Statement

Asurent Property Management’s mission is to provide a hassle free rental experience and enhance the overall quality of life of our owners, residents, team members and the community at large.
We provide deliberate and detailed process driven management services to investors and property owners, providing the highest possible return on investment, reduced stress and time savings benefits to our clients.
We provide clean, safe and well-maintained housing for our residents; provide a family-oriented, nurturing, free form yet structured environment in which our team members can work, advance and grow, both personally and professionally, and continually work to better the overall community in which we operate.

Vision Statement

“Making our communities awesome”. Accomplished by becoming the leading and most prominent property management company by cultivating the brightest, most trustworthy and innovative people who constantly raise the bar for our industry.

Company Commitments

Core Commitments

• Personal honesty and integrity are the foundations of our success
• Amazing customer service is our number 1 aim
• We treat our clients’ assets like they are our own
• We are fun and friendly, where teamwork is king
• We work hard and we reward hard work
• Great things happen when we listen to our customers and each other
• We make prudent, calculated and sometimes tough decisions with confidence and without fear of retribution.
• We are accountable to our commitments

So what does all of this mean? It can mean a lot of things to many people and almost nothing to others.  We hope that the commitments give the following message to our owners:

“We will manage your property as if it was our own.”

This is a profound statement and means that every decision and action we take in managing property, it will very closely, if not identically reflect what you, yourself, would have done in that same circumstance.  That is our aim and our goal.

As a Tenant, we hope that you will take away that:

” We care and act like we care.”

We understand that most Tenants and Residents do not experience amazing customer service from their Landlords or Property Management companies.  We are here to change that.  in the Asurent world, the Owner is our Client, but you as the Resident, are our Customer.  As our Customer, you deserve a level of service and attention that is very different than what most Tenants have experienced in the real estate world.  We hold true to a number of core commitments to you that will enhance your experience with our properties:

  1. We commit to a 24 hour, (during business days), call back guarantee.  That means that if we miss your call during a business day (week), we will call you back within 1 business day.  We don’t work not he weekends, like most everyone else, but besides that and Holidays, we will call you back.
  2. If you enter a legitimate maintenance request through our online portal, we will commit to arrange for a Vendor to at least be onsite to investigate the request within 3 days.  We know what it is like to rent and we know that having a request sitting in a queue for weeks on end is not fair to anyone.
  3. We promise to provide a clean, safe and well-maintained home for you and your family (if applicable).  This is a promise to you, our Resident.

Red Bluff deserves a new property management company that will place the emphasis and attention on the property and the Resident experience.  Well, that company is here….Asurent Property Management Red Bluff.  Call Carlla today to find out more information about our services and available properties:


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