Our Property Marketing Strategies

Effective Premium Marketing Technology Platform

Your property is a premium asset worthy of a premium marketing strategy. At Asurent, we recognize this reality and do our very best to deliver on it.

While other property management firms are all too happy to list your vacancy on Craigslist and call it a day, Asurent will list your property on more than 20 elite rental websites.

Asurent Red Bluff Property Management Marketing

Asurent Utilizes Latest Technology  & Decreases Vacancy Rates

Asurent uses a proprietary automation marketing technology to cut owner vacancy-to-occupancy timelines by as much as 50%. What does that mean in REAL terms? It means you save approximately $700 per vacancy by partnering with Asurent.

Premium Picture Package

To secure premium rental prices, your property needs to POP on rental websites. Using state-of-the-art photography tools, Asurent will take more than 200 photos of your rental in preparation for marketing, and hand-select the very best for public display.

Premium Video Walk Through Presentation

A video walk-through presentation is essential to earning max rental dollars for your property. Asurent’s videographers will highlighting every single sellable feature and capture every unique nuance of the property to compel prospective renters to sign our owner-friendly leases. 

Pre-Marketing Candidate List

Asurent owns close relationships with hundreds of pre-screened, fully-qualified tenants in the Jackson County area. This allows us to secure the very best Red Bluff tenants quickly and efficiently.

In many cases, Asurent will be able to rent your Red Bluff property without issuing a public listing.

Onsite Signage

Depending upon the type of rental property you own, Asurent may utilize an elegant, attention-grabbing sign to lure prospective renters.

Social Media

Asurent’s strong social media presence makes our Red Bluff properties all the more appealing to modern renters who spend countless hours every week scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter feeds. By tapping into these and other social media channels, Asurent maintains a fantastic relationship with prospective renters.

Asurent Website

All Red Bluff rental properties under Asurent management post to our flagship website within 24-hours of coming under contract. Your property will have an elegant description, hand-crafted by a professional real estate copywriter trained in capturing the imagination and attention of prospective tenants.

Elite Online Visibility

By working with Asurent, your Red Bluff rental property will enjoy exposure on more than [NUMBER] of the most highly trafficked rental websites in the United States—websites that consistently produce the very best tenancies. Here are just a few of the websites your property will be featured on: