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Tenant Placement
- For Self-Managing Investors-

$500 per placement
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Property Showings
  • Tenant Screening
  • Lease Drafting & Signing
  • Move-in Inspection

Full Service
- Our Most Popular -

10% of monthly rent
  • Annual Inspections
  • Maintenance Coordination
  • Rent Collection
  • Full Financial Reporting
  • Digital Account Portals
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Move In / Move Out Services
  • Posting of Notices, etc.
  • Property Marketing
  • Profit & ROI Analysis

Full Service Plus
-For That Extra Protection -

12% of monthly rent
  • Includes all Full Service Benefits Plus....
  • A minimum of 2 internal inspections per year ($250)
  • Eviction protection included ($750-$1,000)
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Learn why hundreds of Investors trust only their Asurent Team to manage their asset portfolios.

Marketing for Red Bluff Rental Properties

Premier Property Marketing

We employ a premier marketing program which elevates your rental property to stand out from the crowd.  Our properties are marketed by professional videographers and photographers.  

Our rental property listings feature an upgraded video walkthrough produced professionally, expert photographs, floor plan as well as many other enhancements that allow the Tenant to 'experience' the property as soon as possible.

Our listings are then advertised on over 40 online marketing platforms to maximize your listing exposure.  Craigslist and a sign out front will not attract the highest quality Tenants.  The highest quality Tenants are being found on other rental sites like zillow and trulia.

Property Inspections

Others will SAY they inspect your property.  You property will receive an internal inspection:

  • Within 3 days prior to a new Tenant move in
  • 60 days after a new Tenant move in
  • 2 months prior to committing to every lease renewal
  • The next business day after a Tenant moves out

Our inspections are detailed, thorough and are complete with color photographs highlighting any findings.  You will not find a more thorough company to protect your real estate investment.

Red Bluff people renting

3 Day Maintenance Commitment

Have you heard of Tenants complaining about not getting a response from a maintenance request?  We'll bet you have.

Your Tenants will appreciate the next Asurent difference, which is a 3 day onsite response for all legitimate Tenant maintenance requests. Your Tenants' experience and happiness are the cornerstone of our customer service and as such, will have a safe and enjoyable living experience.

Advanced Tenant Screening

You will be pleased to find that the highly sophisticated Tenant Screening and Prediction Process collects complex information gathered from online social signals, credit financials, background, rental and criminal history and determines the absolute best quality Tenant for your rental. This produces the most reliable Tenants who care greatly for their rentals as they take pride in their lives and homes, and are the most likely to stay in the homes the longest.

Other property managers will 'justify' allowing a Tenant who might not otherwise qualify, just to fill a property at an attempt to make you the Owner, happy.  This leads to disaster. The Asurent algorithm automates the process and delivers the right Tenant, every time.

You, the Investor - Informed

It is a sad fact, but let's face it - the property management industry is plagued by poor customer service starting with a lack of communication.  We know it because we have experienced it too as Investors ourselves. 

You will be delighted with Asurent's precise timely communication. You and your Tenants alike will experience a same day callback commitment, as long as it during business hours.  This is just 1 commitment to excellent customer service, but an important one that this industry lacks.

How to Maximize Rental Amounts

Asurent will prepare and present recommendations that will increase rental property rates and profits over and above what the property might currently bring. Projects that are the most inexpensive and result in the shortest return on the investment timeframe are recommended and prioritized over those that require higher amounts of investment and therefore longer breakeven points.

We strive to work with owners who appreciate the art and skill of creating and maintaining Premier Properties, which when combined with Premier Marketing; produces Premier Tenants.  This is called the Asurent P2P “Property To Premium” plan on how to transition a normal property to a Premium Property.

Imagine Enjoying All the Perks of Owning an Investment Property Without Any of The Hassle or Obligation

Asurent makes life pain-free for Red Bluff's rental property owners

Asurent’s Success Starts with Clear Communication

This is YOUR property, not ours. That means we have an obligation to keep you completely informed at all times, and it’s an obligation we take very seriously. For that reason, Asurent provides you with regular updates about your property (including special notifications anytime there is a new vacancy, a new occupancy, or a new maintenance request), and will reply to any of your inquiries within 1-business day.

Our Tools Create a Better Experience for You, Your Tenants, and Your Pocketbook.

A clear commitment to using the latest tools and technologies in the industry is a big reason Asurent is Red Bluff's most sought-after property management firm. Tools like [EXAMPLE] make it possible for both tenants and owners to have instant access to key property information including payment records, deposit records, maintenance requests, lease agreements, and more.

The Best Customer Service Experience in Red Bluff—Guaranteed

Good business is about good people with good character, and at Asurent we’re lucky to have all three. Our team consists of the most kind, courteous, accommodating property managers in Tehama County. Customer service is in our blood, so whether you’re an owner or a renter, we’ll treat you right.

Empty Words?—Not a Chance. Our Track Record Says It All

A lot of Red Bluff property management companies promise the world, but deliver peanuts. Not Asurent. We mean what we say down to the last word. Doubt it? That’s OK, you’re not the first. That’s why we [invite you to read our client testimonials] and [our Yelp Reviews].

Tried, Trusted, and Beloved by Hundreds of Property Investors.

Never deal with another vacancy, tenant complaint, or maintenance request ever again


Asurent is Flawless

Lisa and Patrick took over my property from another manager, and have been heaven-sent. They are flawless and really live up to their promises. Use them, they are worth the investment.

 - William Taylor, Satisfied Owner

Happy Asurent Property Management Client

Asurent is The Best Choice I’ve Made

Utilizing Asurent was the first time that we have worked with a property management company. We were hesitant at first to hire a pm company, but extremely glad we did. They found a tenant and have been very responsive.

 - Spates Fullen, Satisfied Owner

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