Tenant Screening Process

View the Asurent Applicant Screening Criteria

Please, complete the application to its entirety. If the application is not fully-completed, your submission will not be processed.

All sections of the application (including the $45 application fee) must be filled-in and submitted with a copy of your driver’s license in order to be considered complete. Application fees are NONrefundable.

Asurent Property Management Red Bluff uses a Tenant Scoring Matrix to assign points for each of the below categories. A minimum score must be achieved in order to qualify for application approval.

Asurent will conduct a credit, background, and criminal check through an accredited tenant screening company in accordance with [California Legal Statute 90.303.]

The minimum amount of monthly household gross income Asurent Property Management will accept is equal to or greater than 3X the monthly rental amount.

If your household gross income is not equal to or greater than 3X the monthly rental amount, you will be disqualified.

Employment Verification

Asurent Property Management will contact your employer for verification of employment. To expedite this process let your employer know we will be contacting them.

Rental Verification

Asurent Property Management will contact your previous two landlords for verification of rental history.

Application Fee

Asurent Property Management charges a $45 fee per adult occupant over 18 years of age. The fee must be paid at the time of application submission.


Asurent processes applications in the order received.  If an application received meets our minimum qualification standards, approval is issued.

Processing an application takes anywhere from 1 to 3 business days.